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Digital Strategist, PR Consultant, Creative Director
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What will you learn in this course?

Pillars of managing Instagram & Facebook

A blueprint of what the platforms mean for your audiences, how to use Instagram and Facebook to

Finding your perfect demographic

We cover not only finding your perfect demographic, but also how to speak with them through social media.

designing content that will speak to your perfect prospects

We cover not only finding your perfect demographic, but also how to speak with them through social media.

Reading your analytics and iterating on the strategy

We will look at how you are performing, and which analytics should matter the most. Then, the course will teach you on what strategies can help you improve and grow the numbers, including reach, engagement, followers, impressions.

Creating and growing your newsletter list

Social media is rented space. Algorithms, competition, distractions can all lead to to your posts not being seen. Sending an email means you get right into the inbox of your prospects but sending a well crafted newsletter means you can keep the relationship, and continue to check in with former clients and tap into their network.

Building a community

We will go through how to build a community through real life networking, event planning, workshops, inclusive events, and building long-lasting relationships.

Making social media efficient

I understand that social media for an entrepreneur is just a slice of the pie of the work that they do on a daily basis. I will teach you how to batch content so that you can efficiently plan it out, how to snap photos on the go, and how to use planning tools to create a cohesive strategy.

The course will also cover on how to find talented and affordable freelancers to whom you can delegate the work.

 How do you utIlize the social media Platforms to make sure you are growing your revenue every year?

According to data from NAR, there are currently 1,383,010 licensed realtors in U.S. It’s a highly competitive field that is growing in popularity as we are seeing cities grow and expand.

Real Estate is one of the most personal, human to human fields you can build your career in. You understand your clients, learn about their backgrounds, goals, needs, fears, and make expert recommendations.

Adding a house to the market, or finding a home for a client are skills that every real estate agent can offer. So how can you stand out, and build a community of loyal, enthusiastic clients who are excited to share you with their networks?

In order to grow out your prospect and client pipeline, you must develop an effective social media marketing strategy.

If you’ve been thinking of utilizing social media but not sure where to start, feel like it’s overwhelming, or not certain of its benefits to your business, you’ve come to the right place.

My course leverages your networking skills with online social media campaigns that will help you grow your audience organically, and give you face-to-face interactions with your prospects.

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Your guide into the mind and buying habits of the next buying generation.

Millennials, those between the ages of 24 and 38, comprise 42 percent of the nation’s home buyers, and the numbers will only keep climbing, and at 31 percent, Millennials are the largest group of sellers.

Get my free guide for understanding the habits, mindsets, and financial needs of Millennials who will be your next largest client demographic. The FREE guide includes 5 Easy Ways to Attract Millenial Clients.

Millennials overall remain the largest generation of buyers. 85% of millennials used a phone or tablet to aid in their search.
— 2019 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends
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Who is this course for?

Is this course for every agent and team? Absolutely not! This is for those of you who want to learn more about utilizing social media to get in touch with more prospects but your current budget may not allow for a dedicated social media manager.

This course is for you if:

  1. You are a real estate agent or team leader who wants to utilize social media but you need a play-by-play of which platforms will serve you the best, how to utilize them, how to grow the audiences on those platforms, and how to build a following.

  2. You want to connect with real people. How do you develop those long term relationships? How do you get real life, local, interested people in front of you for coffee and bookings? How do you stand out as the real estate agent for your target demographic? If these questions crossed your mind, you’re on the right path!

  3. You want to get creative ideas to sell more properties, without sounding too sales-y. You might be a passionate entrepreneur, but cold calling is not a natural talent for every agent. You’ve been thinking of building organic relationships, with social media being the launching pad.

  4. You organize lots of events, and need help building & capturing the audience. You put on lots of amazing, educational events, but don’t have a list of people you can reach out to when it’s time to help sell or buy a property.

  5. You want to reach new demographics (or have no clue who your target demographics should be). “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”. You’ve been trying to figure out who your customer could be, and how to find them!

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My focus with this course is to get you in front of your clients. You know your business better than anyone else. You go above and beyond for your clients. You can see how the markets move and you can leverage your knowledge to find the best value. Let me take the stress of business development through social media off and let you do your best work.

What this course will teach you is not to obsess with numbers, but rather focus on making long-term, authentic connection with the members of your community.

This course focused on two things:

Education + Community Building

It will teach you how to find clients by creating networking opportunities for yourself, and to keep the clients by adding them to a newsletter & social media funnel.

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What’s included

Strategy Call

You and I will set up a time to discuss your business’ goals, needs, pain points, and growth opportunities. We get to comb through what strategies would be best suited for your business at its current state, and work on which strategies would suit you best for the time & finance budget you are prepared for. Let’s make this course customized to you and your goals.

6 Part Video Series

You will be led through a self-study of 5 part video series that will cover:

  1. Utilizing branding for a cohesive social media ecosystem

  2. Social Media audience growth and engagement strategies

  3. Newsletter & List growth

  4. Leveraging social media to create in-person prospecting opportunities

  5. Cultivating a community of long-term relationships through events & networking

  6. Outsourcing and/or automating social media management

Real Estate Content Examples Printable

The course will include homework, printables, guidelines, checklists, and challenges for you to engage in. You will be able to keep the strategies and use new tools as your following grows.


You will be added to a members-only Facebook community where you can connect with fellow agents and strategists to ask questions and get guidance through an online support network. You’ll also enjoy some freebies, such as updates on the latest social media trends in order to keep your social media strategy up to date.

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Who am I and how can I serve you?

My name is Khrys Oros Ryan. I am a social media strategist, UX/UI designer, and Drexel University educator. My passion lies in cultivating networks and building long-lasting relationships and helping business owners tell better stories.

I enjoy teaching, and mentoring. It brings me joy seeing business owners grow their bottom line. I’ve worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies like American Airlines, Uber, Barclays, Apple.

Questions about the Real Estate Social Media Blueprint?

Let’s set up a call! I’d love to meet you.

What questions do you have for me?

Q: I am super busy right now! Can I take this course on my schedule?

Yes! This course is led by you, on your own schedule, at your own pace. The only thing that we need to settle on is the time for our initial strategy call.

Q: Do you maintain my social media for me after I take the course?

I do not, but I do teach you how to maintain your social media channels efficiently, and even teach you how to outsource this to get help. My goal with this course is to give you the tools and the understanding of what kinds of content you can put out in order to attract more clients, and how to best increase your business’ bottom line.

Q: This course is not what i expected. can i get my money back?

Yes! I completely understand, social media is an expansive subject. Perhaps your goals and needs are geared towards a different course!

I know my social media course covers a lot, but it is also intended for you to be an active participant. It is meant to be a thorough blueprint, and to set you up for success in setting up a uniform, branded, online social presence.

If you gave my guides and videos a try and they don’t seem to resonate, you have my word that if you feel like you haven’t gotten anything of value from my course, you will be 100% fully refunded.

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It all sounds good…what else is included?

On top of the videos, after you are enrolled in the community, you will receive weekly tips, industry updates, blog posts, and podcast recommendations. You will also receive freebies and downloadable (checklists, newsletter content guides, graphics).

As social media pivots and grows, so will your knowledge through weekly, palatable newsletter updates.

Through the Facebook community, you can get access to the most impactful hashtags, methods & strategies, content guides, and continuous support for your business.

Let’s get down to brass tacs

How much of an investment is this course?

The Real Estate Social Media Blueprint is a 5 part course built to help any real estate agent, team, or broker looking to grow a their client list through social media

My goal is to have this course be accessible to entrepreneurs at any stage of your real estate journey; whether you are just starting out and want to start building your client rolodex, or expanding your business to find new target demographics.

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New Year, New Social Media Strategy


Start your 2020 real estate goals with a brand new social media strategy. This course will ramp you up in time for you to learn, practice, and iterate for your business needs.

Because I personalize every strategy call, and offer feedback, my cohorts are limited to 50 spots.

Reserve your spot today with a down payment of $250.

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Not ready to commit but want to stay in touch?

No worries, I understand that sometimes it takes a little bit more research before you decide on my course.

In the meantime, let’s stay connected.