Learn the Fundamentals of Product Photography

Learn the Fundamentals of Product Photography


Learn how to style, edit, and shoot product photographs! 

If you own a camera and love to work with beauty, skincare, jewelry brands, product photography might be a natural next step into making your skills work for you. I can teach you how to navigate creating a book of clients, finding and booking companies, laying your products out in a home studio, and charging a fair price.

In this class we will cover the full spectrum of topics such as: 

  • finding affordable props, tools, and materials

  • creating spaces and corners in your home to act like your home studio

  • playing with light, textures, and moods

  • finding companies to work with

  • tailoring the photos to fit the needs of the brand

You will have real, hands on experience to help you stylize Y O U R products. Students are encouraged to bring in some of the products they regularly shoot, and we can all create photographs together. 

This workshop will encourage you to get creative, while learning a few rules of thumb that will set you up nicely for your future shoots.

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I can’t express how much Khrys’ class has helped me with starting my blog and answering all the questions that I had and teaching me so much more. Thank you sooo much for hosting this class and helping me become a better influencer♥️

Thank you,


As a product photographer, this workshop was so informative!! Not only did Khyrs helps us all think more creatively about our photography, she also helped us with the business side of being creative. We learned how to optimize Instagram as a platform to reach out to your dream clients and how to create processes that help speed up the outreach process. I love that Khyrs knows a lot about this business and is willing to share all that she has learned with her community.


This flat lay photography work shop boosted my confidence of my photography skills with simple techniques that are easy to add to anyone's influencer routine /and or apply to their product photography shots! I can't wait to apply these skills to my blog and Instagram! I have already had three companies agree for partnerships after reaching out at Khrys' workshop (those short hands in the keyboard work magic!)