6 Best Spots in Philadelphia to Find Clean Beauty

Clean skincare and cosmetics fans, rejoice! It seems that people in Philly are on the move towards a more sustainable, slow living, clean lifestyle and I could not be more happy. I’ve been loving clean skincare goods for a while now, always having to order them online or shop in other cities. I am a very kinetic shopper, often leaving a store with tons of swabs and swatches on my arm. I love to smell, touch, and experience the product before I purchase it, and I wanted to share my favorite spots where you can too!

Please let me know if I omitted your favorite shop! I would be very interested to find more great spots.

The Indie Shelf, Graduate Hospital

2247 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146

By far, one of the most comprehensive natural skincare and cosmetics stores in the city! I love visiting places like Credo and Follain when I go to NY, and it makes my heart very happy to have a place of our own!

They have a wide array of products for a variety of interests: cleansers, perfumes & colognes, moisturizers, cosmetics, oils, soaps, soaks, nail polishes, and some tools like brushes. Their products are tested and well researched by the friendly, talented, and knowledgeable staff, and they are happy to help you pick something unique for yourself. There is enough products to be fitting for you and your skin type, but not so many that you’re overwhelmed by the options.

There is a wide array of brands (and more being added!) including Ere Perez, Noto Botanicals, Heir Atelier, A.N. Other, Province Apothecary, Habit Cosmetics, and others. Full list of brands can be found here.

Vestige, Fishtown

2041 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


One of my favorite boutiques in the city for finding slow fashion, household goodies, candles, jewelry, and of course, natural skincare and makeup.

Their clean cosmetics shelf is by far one of the most robust that I’ve seen, filled with lipsticks, creams, body lotions, CBD products, bath goodies, etc.

My favorite finds have been the Kindred Skincare line (a company from our neighbors in Delaware!) and the Noto Deep Serum. Other brands featured include Kosas, RMS Cosmetics, Olio I Esso, Ona Organics, Shiva Rose, Botnia, and others.

The staff is really lovely, and helpful. They are able to offer advice on the individual items, and can recommend routines and products that are best for your face. As far as the rest of the store goes, check it out! You might just find your next favorite local maker or designer.

Sephora, Center City

1714 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

I spent a ton of my time in Sephora over the past several years, but I’ve been really un-inspired by the product choices until they spruced up! They added companies like Pat McGrath, Patrick Ta, Fenty, etc. But what really caught my eye is a small shelf of natural skincare and cosmetics.

Their shelf is not complete by any means, but they do offer some alternatives to the rest of the stores mentioned on this list. They, too, carry RMS and Kosas (which happens to have my #1 favorite lipsticks of all time). But, they also carry some names like Lawless, Aether Beauty, Ilia, Bite Beauty, and a few more.

The staff is often helpful, but maybe quick to recommend something that is more of a “one-size-fits-all” so be prepared to do your own research before you go in (or on the spot). I’d like to see more options and I think Sephora is smart to see that consumers are craving more innovative, clean, interesting products. You have 30 days to return a product if it doesn’t work for you (if you haven’t used it up, of course) so buy and try.

Anthropologie, Center City

1801 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Anthropologie is a store that works diligently to emulate the feeling of the boho, free spirit, vibe and it carries that energy into its cosmetics products shelf. Be warned, not all of their products are safe and clean (think Mario Budescu), but they do have some goodies that are unique to them only.

They carry a lot of products from Herbivore, Patchology, RMS, Supergoop, Moon Juice Dust , and they are always changing which companies they carry.

Similarly to Sephora, I think the sales representatives at Antro are helpful but their main experience doesn’t lie with knowing which products will be best suited for you. Please do some research on the products before (and after you purchase them), and return them if they do not work for you. You have 30 days to return a product so you have some flexibility to experience the product risk-free.

Urban Outfitters, Center City

1627 Walnut St.Philadelphia, PA 19103


While not the largest collection, Urban Outfitters has some sweet finds (in case you have an affinity for a brand). They carry some products from Kopari, Knours, Moon Juice, and their own brand, ohii which has a really nice selection of lip goodies.

While Urban Outfitters may not be the “hottest” spot for clean beauty, I think it’s still fantastic when companies gently tip-toe into providing a variety of goods and try to be more inclusive of different needs and goals.

Whole Foods, Center City

2101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130


Whole Foods is really terrific when it comes to simple skincare, providing lots of hair care, balms, creams, serums, soaps, etc. They carry some cosmetics including Au Naturale and W3ll People. When it comes to self-care brands, they carry Thayer’s, Acure, Mad Hippie, and many others depending on the size of the store.

There is a dedicated beauty sales representative that usually floats around the section, but please do your own research on the items.

I know there are a ton more spots in Philly for clean beauty finds. Where do you find your favorite shelves of goodies? I just recently found Cuttalossa & Co. in Old City which carries a robust collection of Noto products that I am super excited to check out.