5 Clean Beauty Products That Are Giving Me Life Right Now

I love cosmetics of all kinds, and generally don't find the need to be a purist. While I love my La Mer foundation, and my Chanel bronzer, I have also come to really appreciate natural beauty. There is a really lovely boutique in Fishtown, Vestige that has a robust selection of clean skincare and self care products where I love to go to discover new goodies. Aside from that, I mostly have to shop online, or when I visit larger cities like New York and San Fran to find stores like Credo and Follain.

I gravitate to natural, clean beauty because of several reasons:

  1. Many products are creative 

  2. Good for the environment 

  3. Support smaller business owners (especially women)

  4. Feel good putting clean healthy stuff on my face

With that, I have tried my very fair share that made me very happy, and some that made me break out. Clean beauty is just like regular cosmetics in that way- some will work for you like a charm, and some you will very much dislike. Here are some of my recent faves that give me life:

Kjer Weis Cream Blush In Color Sun Touched

No blush. (except remaining makeup from the day).

No blush. (except remaining makeup from the day).

Getting that glow!

Getting that glow!

Ready for the beach.

Ready for the beach.

Hard to pronounce, easy to wear. I picked up the shade Sun Touched in Credo Beauty and let me tell you. It’s all that it’s saying it is, and a lot more. You don’t need a lot of product to pick up the healthiest, happiest, most feminine, gorgeous glow on your cheeks. It’s so beautiful, ranging from sheer, to very buildable, and quite opaque if you really want to be bold. The packing is also stunning (though the blush is pricy), with the cartridges being re-fillable when you run out and ultimately want to purchase more. This was a blush recommended by the talented and incredible Samantha Ravndahl in her video “Full Face of Makeup You Don’t Hear About” at 16.09 marker of the vid. She loved the blush immediately, and I am 100% in love as well.

Red Earth hydrate nourishing lotion


With its never-ending search of unique products, Red Earth is quickly becoming my go-to for creative recipes and concoctions for my self care. I really enjoy this lotion, but be warned because it does have a scent. I am not bothered by it, but if you have sensitive skin, this might not be for you. Overall, it leaves my skin feeling very “cared-for”, soft, and bouncy. It’s not too tacky, so I can wear it with confidence at the end of the night, knowing that it quickly seeps in. No fuss, no mess. Just soft, silky, moisturized goodness.

Kindred Oil Cleanse


I found about oil cleansing through Vestige, a this terrific boutique in Philly. The sales person (I didn’t catch her name) described a terrific cleansing ritual called oil cleansing. This is especially a holy moment for those of us with dry skin.

Oil cleaning is when you take an oil such as Kindred’s Oil (which smells like happiness in a can), and massage it into your face at the end of day. This works on even a full face of makeup, and in fact is my favorite way to get rid of makeup at end of day because my typical makeup remover makes me feel like I’m tugging at my eyes.

OIL CLEANSING 101: With dry hands, take 3-4 pumps of this oil and add it to your dry face (no need to take the makeup off1) You allow the oil to penetrate your skin, and loosen up all the makeup from the day. Once you massaged it deeply enough and you see most of the makeup has smudged around, take a soft washcloth, run it under warm water, and put it on your face for 30 seconds. Relax with a little bit of warmth on your face, and begin massaging the wash cloth gently into your face, taking off the makeup and excess oil in the process. If need be, add your favorite moisturizer.

Because you used a cleansing oil, you do not need to use soap or a cleanser. Gently dry your face, and add moisturizer if you need. It’s such a fantastic ritual, and has helped me tremendously with keeping my skin feeling very elastic, moisturized, and glowy. My skin doesn't feel beat up and red and blotchy like it does when I remove makeup with traditional makeup wipes or even cotton pads. Kindred’s oil is amazing, and is a great addition to this weekly regimen. Working diligently to make this a daily habit, but I need to be more proactive on having fresh washcloths at hand.

Noto Deep Serum


This golden, coppery serum is a little gem in a bottle. It’s amber color comes from sea buckthorn, a secret super-hero plant rich in Vitamin C which helps with tissue healing and wrinkle reducing. It’s also got Marla oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed, green coffee oil for skin tightening, and grapefruit oil to act as an antiseptic. In all, it leaves my skin very luxuriously moisturized, bright, soft like butter all day (and in the morning if I apply at night). The smell is strong (sea buckthorn) but in a very pleasant, almost citrusy aroma.

Kosas Lipstick in Fringe (deep brownish burgundy) and Phoenix (warm Red)

By far my favorite velvet matte lipstick on the market right now. The colors are bold, but allow me to live out my dreams of owning 10 penthouses and my private yachts. I typically gravitate to neutral colors but Kosas managed to pull me out, into the fun side of fiery reds and delicious berry shades. The lipstick itself is fantastic. Not too creamy (I lean towards the matter finishes), but creamy on the lips where I don’t feel like I need a new layer of lip after wearing them all day. 5 stars.

Favorite, beloved, terrific little find. I really try to gravitate away from nudes, because I feel a little bit more festive, and dressed up when I have a bold lipstick on. If you have a warmer skin tone, especially with yellow undertones, I think you will enjoy both of these colors.