How to discover the best hidden travel spots with Instagram

When googling "Best spots to check out in ___", what always comes up first? The stuff that people pay to put up in the first several pages via heavy use of search engine optimization. That's why sites like Trip Advisor and other dull lists come up first, and often recommend the most over-visited, most tourist filled spots in the city you're about to visit. These lists are worth taking a look at, but you may not be the target demographic for them. Just like I would probably not recommend my friends to go check out the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia (dont @ me), I too, would not recommend people adhere strictly to these lists.

An easy way I found to get the best spots, is by utilizing Instagram! You find the greatest locations, get a sense for the city, and make your own decisions on where to go. 

Step 1: Type in the city you're visiting into the search bar

Step 2: Find accounts that re-post that city's photographs

Step 3: Through the accounts, find users who rep the city heavy, or just focus on individual posts that catch your eye.

Step 4: Click on the location (under the user's name) to see more photos from that place and see whether you'd like to visit it.

Optional Step 5: Use Google Maps to pin the spots for yourself, so you can visit those places once you get there. 

And there you go! Where will you explore?

Khrystyna OrosComment