Tangerine is my color for the summer


Just like those pink, orange sunsets that loom over Philadelphia during the summer, so too are all of my dresses that I've been recently loving. Something about the hotness of the bold orangish-salmonish-peachish vibe that instantly makes my mood so much better.

Club Monaco has been a go-to as of recent, as their clothes are sexy but structured. You can find pieces for "the cluerb" with yo girls for a hot Friday night, or you can find refined, gemetric, classic pieces for the 9-5. They have some pieces with bold prints, but I am really digging their single color pieces, with rich navies, blacks, whites, and cremes. And for the summer 2018, they went a little more bold, which was very successful for them because their clothes went like hot cakes! 

I have been working diligently to put together a more refined closet. I'm 24, and I work at a tech office so my clothes are relaxed vintage jeans and simple t-shirts. I love my "uniform" but I feel very un-sophisticated when I wear it. What I love, are dresses. Easy to put on, style, and look super presentable for a variety of occasions. I've been picking up more dresses from my favorite Philly boutiques, and working to figure out my style a little better. I'm drawn to classic patterns (stripes, polka dots), and bold colors (but in moderation). I also noted I very much steer towards the deep greens, blues, blacks, and whites, so I do push myself to consider the brighter, bolder colors that show me for who I am - a young professional. I feel like I age myself up a little through heavy colors. 

What I love about the Geovanna Wrap Dress is the soft texture, and the sleeves. You already know, as a Ukrainian woman, I love a good, fun, puffy sleeve (or one that moves!). And because it's a wrap dress, it makes my figure look very curvy and hourglass-y. With my chest, it's a little bit of a show-y dress, and doesn't quite sit as it does on the model online so I would never consider this dress office friendly. But for a night out, or a date, this dress is absolutely perfect. Wins all around! 

Feel free to give me suggestions on cute boutiques to check out! 



Dress is the Geovanna Wrap Dress from Club Monaco 

Sunnies from Warby Parker in the style Jennings (Blue)

Bag from Intentionally Blank in the style Mazat Cube Crossbody. Similar one here. 

Earrings bought in The Geisha House

Hair colored by Bobby Mack & Co.

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