Staying hot in the heat with the Shea Dress

I love a dress that can both keep me cool and hot at the same time if-ya-know-what-I-mean. For my Europe trip last May, I wanted to find a dress that was easy to dress up, and can still look cute with the shoe choices I had for travel. When I travel, I bring one bag, and one bag only. I like to be light, efficient, and compact. 

What I loved about this white Shea Dress from ASTR bought in a local Philly boutique, The Geisha House, is that it is a tight dress but it accentuates my body in the most perfect ways because the fabric is soft but thick, meaning that if I feel a little bloated after dinner, the dress hides it due to the wrap nature. This dress looks great with most types of sandals, and even with basic, brown Birkenstocks because lets face it, your girl needs to be able to walk those streets and not be in pain. I initially bought this dress for a trip to Positano so I needed it to look good with shoes that would support me. 

The only heartbraking thing about this dress is that I already found a couple mysterious stains on it. Such is the life of a white dress. Makes you look gorgeous and tan, but you can't do anything risky in it (including eating, sitting, dancing, moving, sweating).



Dress is the Shea Dress from ASTR

Sunnies from Warby Parker in the style Jennings (Blue)

Bag from Intentionally Blank in the style Mazat Cube Crossbody. Similar one here. 

Earrings bought in The Geisha House

Hair colored by Bobby Mack & Co.


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