The most wonderful color orange

Philadelphia's small streets, and generally most of the residential areas in Center City come alive in the first few days of spring. The flowers start blooming, herbs become evident in people's gardens, and it generally feels amazing to walk down the block and see the variety of flowers awaking from their winter slumber. 

In our house, we've got quite the collection ramping up, and the next plant that I'd love to add is the trumpet vine. Though invasive, its beautiful orange flowers are such a lovely and bright addition to any backyard. Until then, I will just enjoy the fruit of my neighbor's diligence. I'm excited to move into our new home, and looking forward to the decorating process to begin.

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I've also been really enjoying the more cooler days which allow me to enjoy the summer more. I've never been friendly with the sun, so utilizing hats has become my new way to avoid getting heat attacks. 


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