June Favorites- How does one girl fool a bunch of wealthy New Yorkers? With a blinding glow, of course.

My skin has been relatively fine during the changing weather. I try to drink plenty of water, but it's still difficult to control hormonal acne. I picked up several oils at Whole Foods to try to stifle the irritation of my chest and back acne. It is what it is.

I've also been enjoying new oils and serums, as well as some new highlighters. Please feel free to also send me your musical favorites, along with book recommendations. I've been meaning to read a lot more fiction, so let me know what you've been loving lately.

June was a month of building. I had to step back from Instagram, regroup with how I'd like to move forward, and start with a new energy. I attended a talk by a blogger, photographer, and now author Rachel Mae from The Crafted Life, who said that her skills built slowly, over time, over a period of the last seven years!!. I think it's important to remember that while many of us are working to create our own little corners of the internet, growth doesn't happen overnight and it takes a ton of time to cultivate relationships. I'd love to chat with everyone about blogging, their favorite content to work on, etc. If you're building something, stay with it. 

On to the favorites: 

Beauty and Style

1. Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – Coconut Fantasy Collection- $44.00


I have super dry skin, so I cannot often use powder highlighters. But liquid? ThatsMyJam.gif . I picked up the DewDrops about 2 months ago. I like the product because it is both intense and soft at the same time, depending on how much you apply and how you build it. The only thing I am careful with is that it is on the darker side, and if I don't apply it in good, bright light, I look like I am 3 shades darker, and bronzy. So I apply it sparingly, to the high points of my face, and blend with a Beauty Blender.  It smells like coconut, as many of the MJ products do. 

2. Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil - $72.00


I was skeptical to buy it because it's wildly expensive, but I've been feeling such a difference with it. My skin just feels loved and taken care of. I only put on a couple drops, and it feels really lovely to let it soak in for a second or two in the morning. It sits nicely underneath foundation, but looks very soft and glowy alone without any makeup on top as well. 

3. Jao Beauty Gel - $49

So thick and so good. Smells like honeysuckle, goes on like thick butter. Really thick. It takes a second to work into the skin, and then you have to walk naked for a little while while it soaks in, but it's so so worth it. I feel like a fat, nurtured, loved, baby.

4. Nakd Scrub by Basd  - $19.99


Oh hot damn. Sun is out. Shoulders, collar bones, legs are out people! I used to make my own coffee scrubs, but Nakd cracked the code. It smells a-ma-zi-ng, and it feels like a fantastic, whole body- at home facial. 

5. Type: A Deodorant- $10.00


I've been secretly stealing my husband's deodorant for months. Months. So when Type:A sent over their goodies, not only were they just in time, but they actually were amazing for the summer. The tubes are really cool because they are shaped as though they have creme in them, but they squeeze out through a round head. My favorite one is the one that's slightly scented, The Visionary. Its scent is subtle, but very comforting.  It keeps me dry throughout the day, and certainly smelling good. The fact that it's a cruelty free, green product is a cherry on top.

6. Jason's Vitamin E Oil - $8.49


I've talked about Vitamin E in my "We are preventing wrinkle's" post, because it's quickly becoming a staple in my weekly self-care. Vitamin E helps me get rid of my chest and back acne scars, and sits nicely on the skin. I wake up in the morning to the most luscious feeling! Currently looking for the face one because the one I got is too thick. Don't mind sticking to Jason, but leave your favorites in the comment section! 

Entertainment & Health

1. The ultimate scammer. A story about "How Anna Delvey Tricked New York

I cannot get enough of a good story. When reading everything written about Miss Anna Sorokin (or Delvey in her fake name), I got a lot of Catch Me If You Can Vibes, but female and modern. Though I am not a fan of getting money the illegal way, I respect and admire the girl for being the ultimate manipulator. It takes a lot of creativity, finesse, and confidence to take New York by storm like she has, and I am looking out for the movie when it will ultimately come out. We have the movies for the boys- the wolves of Wall Street, the American psychos, the big shorts. Now I would like to see a woman be bad, on the big screen, 

2. Anything by Joywave

I've been a fan of their music, but not their facial hair choices for a couple years now. The song that got me hooked was 'Tounges' with its catchy melody and cheerful beats. Now, I've discovered a ton of new favorites such as 'It's a Trip' and 'Doubt'. They have quickly become my number one band to go to when I need to get work done, but also a melodic harmony to keep my attention and momentum going.

3. Podcast Reply All

I drive, a lot. (Which I hate). But podcasts make my life a lot better. Shout out to the Gimlet team for producing really terrific stuff, Reply All being my favorite. I enjoy it because they are so goofy, but also really curious which leads to really interesting mystery solves for tech / internet related problems. 

4. Ladies Get Paid Slack

I love a good Slack channel, and I love an amazing community even better. The  The site describes themselves as "...the place to kick ass in your career and find the women who will help you do it." And it's absolutely accurate! When I need advice, a job, a new friend, a little support, I know exactly where to turn. I've gone to a couple Town Halls and I always meet amazing, talented ladies who all love to support and grow each other.

Please let me know what you've been enjoying this month. What have you been using, playing with, listening to, watching? ✨✨

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