If I buy a dress, I will wear it until it falls apart

I've always loved dreses. They are beautiful, efficient, easy to style, and often a one package deal. You slip it on, and boom- gorgeous. 

But because I don't particularly like how every dress fits me (because of hips and thighs), when I do find a dress I love, I wear it all.the.time. This dress from Madewell is fantastic. It's flowy so it's perfect for the summer. It wraps at the top, so it adds a little bit of that hourglass shape. And it's got a slight sleeve, which adds to that 60's German milkmaid feel and it also hides the arms a little bit. 

I found this fabulous little flower shop in Old City, Philadelphia called Petit Jardin en Ville. The owner was super charming and sweet and made the loveliest bouquet. I love being a tourist in my own city and discovering new, exciting shops that are family owned. 


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Dress by Madewell, bought in 2017. Similar one is here.

Earrings bought in The Geisha House

Shoes are Birkenstocks

Flower shop is the Petit Jardin en Ville

Coffee shop is the Menagerie Cafe

Cute guy at the end is Tom. My husband and photographer. Proud dog dad. Proud beard-owner.

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