Glow like a dang star: the glowiest, healthiest, most life friendly tutorial

I think I've done it. I've mastered the glow. I wanted to capture the blinding effect that so many YouTubers showcase, but in a way where I can still look realistic and approachable from three feet away in real life. There is a huge difference between makeup that looks beautiful in photos, and in real life. I've got pretty dry skin so I remember myself begging Sephora employees for helping me create a "dewy look" as long as I've been going there. I'm happy with the results, and I'd love to show you how you can recreate the look. 

***Important note: I have really dry skin. I wear lotion on a daily basis, as I feel very gross and tight without it. If you have oily skin, know that some of these products may not be optimal for you. 

Step 1 - Cleanse and moistuirze

My life changed when I was introduced to witch hazel. My favorite is Thayer's Rose. It smells like roses (surprise surprise) and I apply it twice a day. After cleansing with Thayers Natural Remedies Rose Petal Witch Hazel I attack any little opportunity for acne to pop up by soaking a cotton pad with witch hazel and gently going over my face, my neck, and sometimes my chest. 

My moisturize of choice depends on the season. I've been using marula oil from Drunk Elephant, but only a couple drops because I don't want my makeup to melt. That usually seals the deal. If I want something lighter, I've been loving Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream or the Belif Aqua Bomb.

Last step for serums here is Vitamin C. My favorites for daytime are the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum and the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. Both are good and completely vital for amazing anti-aging focused regimen. Ladies and gentlemen, what you put on top of your skin in terms of beauty, is only as good as the stuff you put at the very bottom in terms of skincare. Skincare is expensive and seems unnecessary but I feel that my makeup looks so much better when I take care of myself, feed my skin what it needs, nourish it, love it, sing to it...

Step 2- SPF and primer

My mama always told me to wear SPF, and I only started listening when wrinkles started to move in, settle in a new neighborhood, and start raising little babies. 

My SPF of choice is Clarins SPF 50 I've been using it for 6+ months now. It leaves a soft, satiny finish without the gray effect that some SPFs may produce. 

Primer of choice is the MAC Strobe Creme in the color Peachlite. It's fantastic under foundation, and is also a really lovely glow on the cheekbone. I add a thin layer and let it sit on the skin for a second. I'be also been experimenting with Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer. I immediately see how lovely it sits on the skin and adds a sheer layer of protection for my skin and acts as a reliable base for the rest of my makeup. 

Step 3- Foundation

Because of how much my skin craves moisture, I cannot use most foundations that are beautifully suited for folks with oily skin. I've loved Marc Jacobs Genius Gel, but then it got discontinued. Like many good things in life, this little lovely vial of joy has also come to an end. 

So instead I've been loving La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation. It's a little thicker, and the consistency is more silkier rather than gel-like, but it gives a wonderful, luscious finish. As a bonus, it looks really lovely in photos. I will say that you ought to get the perfect color for your skin tone because this foundation oxidizes slightly, and makes me question whether I am too pink after all my makeup is set. 

Step 4- Highlighting and contouring

Now that my face is like a blank, flat, gorgeous canvas, I can start etching out the fun stuff. The cheekbones. The jaw. The sharp nose. The scam of all scams.

I like to be efficient here by chiseling out my cheekbones, temples, top of the forehead, and the jawline with Chanel Tan de Soleil.  I let that sit for a hot second while I apply MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer to my under-eye area, down the nose, chin, and the forehead area. Again, I let this sit because this specific concealer is very runny and needs some time to thicken up by sitting on the skin. I think in my experience, I've used cancelers that are a little better for my skin (such as Chanel Le Correcteur and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer) but I really enjoy experimenting and seeing the results. Drop a message if you have recommendations on better concealers. 

Note that I do not have too many problematic areas that I am covering. This concealer acts more of a brightening tool rather than one thick enough for hiding marks, pigmentation, acne, etc. I'd recommend finding something more opaque if you struggle with acne-prone skin. 

Tan de Soleil is also not very strong. It blends out nicely into the skin and offers a tint to the skin that looks like I've spent the entire weekend on the beach.  The only downside (which I try to work with) is that if I am not careful blending with my beauty blender, it just sort of blends all over giving me less of a contoured look, and more of an overall tan which can look beautiful in moderation, or totally discolor my face. This is something to use sparingly in apply in moderation by applying a little more each stroke. Take it down to your neck area and make sure to blend it out!

Step 5 - Layering and smoothing

One of the things that was particularly helpful with getting my makeup to be a lovely, smooth texture on my face (even though by this time it's starting to feel a little heavy), is to spray my face lightly with Makeup Forever Mist N Fix. I spray 2-3 spritz immediately after letting my concealer and contour set in, just to blend everything into the skin, and make sure I don't have any excess product. 

Step 6- Adding the glow

To understand the glow, you must understand being patient because there are a ton of steps here, and you must be careful, tender, and loving with every single one.

I add MAC Strobe Creme in Peachlite to the top of the cheekbones, a concentrated bit on the bridge of my nose, a little on the top of the lip, above the eyebrows. I blend it out with my beauty blender, let it sit on the skin for a second.

Next I follow up with Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel, but in very very small doses because it is a bronzier color so it can make me look discolored. It's got a lovely finish and makes it look like I got a sexy tan just hours before. 

Lastly, this isn't so much for the "blind" but rather for the color and the healthy, moisturized look. I apply Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk on my cheeks and blend out towards the temples. This makes me look healthy and tan, AF. But not a tan from the sun. A tan from the soul.

After putting on all my glows, I look like I am staying on top of my daily water intake. I look like I have the brightest future. My glow looks like it can light up the night. 

Step 7- Settling in

When asked whether I spend any time in the kitchen, I respond that baking is my passion. What kind of baking? Not the kind that includes food.

I take some Laura Mercier Translucent Powder on my beauty blender and brush a thin layer to the areas where I concealed- under the eyes, a little on the forehead, and under my cheeks, all the way to the jaw. 

Step 8- The 'eyes' have it

The eyes can be whatever you prefer. I'm pretty lazy with this entire area because I feel like warm, light colors compliment me the best. And guess what those colors are found in? Everything. I actually don't use any eyeshadows, nor do I own any. (!!!) Don't @ me. 

I set my eyes with MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot. I wet a brush with Makeup Forever Setting Spray, and dip it into Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. That acts as a nice, glowy base without being too blinding on my eyes yet still giving me a sheen. I fill in the entire eye area with this powder because I love how much it brightens up the entire eye area. 

To carve out the eye a little bit, I dip my brush into my powder contour Chanel _____ in the color __. I go from the inner corner to the outside and blend it out with upwards motions towards the end of the eye. My favorite eye looks were always those of the vintage 50's babes. Think basic, neutral eye with a strong but still soft crease. I also take that brown into the unedereye region which helps bring the eye together.

Eyeliner has been the thing that gave me all the rest of my superpowers. Some women (especially with hooded and lighter) eyes really really dislike eyeliner and opt out for a brown, strong stroke of eyeshadow instead. Your preference is key here. Because I have darker features, I love to wear a super dark, super opaque eyeliner that also is easy to work with. For the last 8 (!!!) years, I have been wearing MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline in Black and using the  208S Angled Brow Brush brush to apply it. I've switched my blushes, my foundation, my skincare through the last decade of wearing cosmetics. But I have been incredibly loyal to this brush and eyeliner combo. It's been fantastic, doesn't dry out, doesn't smudge throughout the day, stays crisp and dark. I love it. 

I like to apply the eyeliner starting from the inner portion, gently laying down a line to almost where my eye ends and moving on to the other eye before going to make the cat-eye flick. This is 100% and iterative process, and it always will be.  My eyes happen to be 2 different shapes- one being more round and the other more elongated.

I like when my eyes have that babydoll, round look to them (think Audrey Hepburn) but still sophisticated and strong. I make a pronounced line from my inner corner, and then draw a flat line across my eye lid, and finish off by tilting my head back and extending the line from the lid to the end of the eyelid. 

Last step is to apply a nude eyeliner into the waterline to look more awake. This makes my eyes even more doll-like, and makes the look more "tight". I really like the MAC Chromagraphic Pencil. It's nude and the only one they offer in this type. It's creamy and looks fantastic in the inner eye.  

Step 9- Volumizing the lashes

This step is whatever you prefer. I have not mastered the art of the fake lashes, so I opt out for the second best- an amazing volumizing mascara. I really love the Chanel Le Volume which gives me absolutely life. 

My biggest complaint is that it stays tacky for a good 30 seconds, so I have smudged it way too often. So when you're using it, gotta be super careful. But hey, I've been using this mascara for three years now, so it's not that big of a complaint. It is a waterproof, super black mascara, so test it out to make sure you enjoy it. I don't like mascaras that are not waterproof, and I know lots of people really really dislike them.

Step 10 - Chiseling out the facial features

Carefully to avoid the eye area, I wipe off the excess Laura Mercier powder and brush it across my face. I then take Chanel Les Beiges in the color No. 60 (this depends on the time of the year), and start chiseling out my cheekbones. I go over all of the areas that I applied Tan De Soleil- under my cheekbones, temples, under my chin. 

With my favorite NARS Blush in the color Orgasm, I hit my cheeks. I like to dust a little of it over my nose to make it look like I just got a phenomenal kiss of sun.

Lastly for this step, I take that same Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light and lightly brush it all over my face. All over?! Yes. All. Over. Very gently. If it starts to look a little cakey, don't worry, and follow to the next step. 

Step 11- Time to go for a swim

This is the part that's intimidating. I take Makeup Forever Mist & Fix, and douse myself with it. Forget 1 or 2 spritzes. I'm talking 10. When you're wet, spray some more. 

After this, I look very wet, and very very tacky. But that's alright. This is the glow portion but without the highlight shine. This is more of a "glow from within". Plus this solidifies your makeup on you and locks it in, while also returning some moisture back to those of us who suffer from dry skin. 

Helpful note: Mist & Fix is exactly what it sounds like. I cannot tell you just how many times this amazing product saved my butt. Every time I mess up my eyeliner or I get mascara on my lower lashes or on my eyelids, I spray a little bit of Mist & Fix, and it's both strong enough to take the makeup off but it dosen't mess up the rest of the application underneath it. Fantastic, life-saving tool. 

Step 12- Silk-ify yo-self

The last step. The time where you come back to looking like you are not underwater anymore. The time to look like a human being and not a little wet froggy.

I take a small amount of Laura Mercier Translucent Powder on my MAC Fan Brush , tap off all the excess, and very very gently pat down on all of my face. This instantaneously takes the grease away and leaves my skin with a gorgeous, silky, smooth finish. I look done up but still natural and very very glowy. You can use any brush you'd like, as long as it covers your face in an even, soft way. 


Thoughts? What's your favorite product for that out of this world glow? 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. All of the products that I showcase, I am 100% behind. Affiliate links are a way for me to recommend products and get paid for it, at no extra expense to you. Thank you for your support. ✨✨✨

Khrystyna Oros