12 Amazing 100% Philadelphia Holiday Gifts

I’ve come to really appreciate handmade or maker made gifts, and if they are made in my favorite city, that’s even better! I wanted to share my personal, 25 favorite things to love and give to my family and friends during this season, and show you just how much the Philadelphians create!



Jao Beauty Survival Supplies - $60 (sale!)

Luxurious, winter survivor friendly moisturizers and products to help you face any weather. Pleasant smell, and a texture that will help the ones of us with skin as dry as the Sahara desert.

Luci Skincare Metalit - $14.50

For your favorite glow-getter! Don’t let winter knock down your happy, glowy, shiny attitude with one of 3 amazing and totally affordable Metalit gels. Use them in 4 different ways, as a sleeping mask, highlighter, 20-minute treatment, and moisturizer that instantly tones and clarifies for post-facial results.



Any chocolates from John and Kira’s Chocolates

If you’ve walked in Rittenhouse Square on a Saturday, you would see the tent with the most delicious chocolates, rain or shine! My personal favorites are the Chocolate Honey Caramel Bees. Perfect gift to give someone with a sweet tooth. Pick some up at DiBruno Brothers next time you’re on Chestnut street.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream

If you ever need to bring desert to a party, look no further than a treat we all love from our childhood- ice cream. Specifically, Weckerly’s ice cream from their micro-brewery. Nestled right in Fishtown, this small but mighty ice cream shop offers fresh cones, organic ingredients, and creative flavor combinations. If you want high quality, look no further.

Gift Cards


The Geisha House

For the trendy, style go-getter in your circle of besties. Choose outfits for any season, any special occasion. Wonderful stock of high-quality textures and styles.

Sunglasses and glasses from Warby Parker - starting at $95

New year, New you- or at least a new pair of glasses or sunglasses! Warby Parker always comes out with trendy, design forward styles for any taste. Getting my pair of Warbys totally changed how I see the world (Ba Dum Tssss).  

Memberships & Experiences

Intro Package to Yoga and Thrive Pilates - $49 for 21 days of unlimited classes

Now that you and your babe have gotten past the celebrations, it’s time to get back into the flow of things. Take time to bend and snap back into shape with an intro package to PP Thrive. 

COOK Classes- prices start at ~$85

Not the easiest place to get into, but If you stay up until midnight, a week before an event, you can get a chance to watch the finest chefs of Philadelphia work their magic on the stove.  If you’re like me, you don’t cook much, but you can certainly appreciate when a master of the art does it! Cook describes itself as offering “programming from intimate, demonstration-style dinners led by A-list chefs and restaurateurs to knife and butchering skills, a cookbook author series, mixology classes”.




Stateside Vodka - $24.99

A gift that is within its own gift-wrap-packaging. Stunning and luxurious gift to those who have really made your “naughty list”. #SorryNotSorry.

Art & Decor


ZuZuGlow Candles - Starting at $18

Hand poured in Northern Liberties. Candles that will remind you of every happy moment in your life (maybe. Don’t quote me on that). Unique and wonderful scents like Tomato Vine, Honey Tobacco, and Love Notes. Get some to decorate your home, or give to loved ones who enjoy the cozy, hygge vibe.

Ceramics by Mellisa Koenig

When a product is made with love, it shows. Take a look at this up-and-coming Philly maker who has the most gorgeous vases, cups, and bowls. Hand-made, in the city of Brotherly Love.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.50.28 PM.png

Xpiacoc Accent Pillow by The Everydayday Globe Trotter- $33 (sale!)

Britta is really the only person I can trust when it comes to travel info. She’s also a terrific designer and has an eye for what will make your house feel like a home. She imports pillows and home decor from the countries she visits, and teaches her followers about the destinations.

So, what else did I miss? What is your favorite Philly gift to give?

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