Zurich's big adventure


We landed in the beautiful city of Zurich on Tuesday after a lovely Swiss Air flight where we enjoyed an unexpected and delicious complimentary ice cream. Let it be known, that any flight that offers me a sweet treat will always win my heart. 




We hopped into an Uber and took a cruise through the pristine streets of Zurich, driving over to our boutique Hotel Kindli. Our hotel was situated on a picturesque, cobblestone paved street in the Old Town of Zurich. 

This historic establishment was opened in 1474.  While the amenities are now all modern, the overall historic integrity of the hotel is incredibly well maintained to make for a truly authentic experience in the Old Town of Zurich. 


We were greeted by a very cheerful and inviting concierge Nadia who offered expert advice on all of the local essential destinations that we’d want to visit during our stay.  

The hotel lobby was decorated with fresh flowers, tasteful art, a coffee cart with tea and fruit, and books.  Our charming fourth-floor room was perfectly situated: high enough to overlook the city yet within reach of the buzzing cobblestone streets below to feel the pulse of our newest travel destination. Every morning I’d wake up, pop the windows open, and feel like a modern city princess, overlooking a beautiful kingdom.

The location of our hotel was unbeatable.  Colorful flags, stores, restaurants, and cheerful travelers were at our every doorstep.  The famous Lindenhofplatz park that overlooks the city is a thirty second stroll from the Hotel Kindli main entrance, and the main shopping corridor on Bahnhofstrasse is a two minute walk down the cobblestone streets of the Old Town.


As for the details, everything was impeccably well thought out. Bottles of Kiehl’s shampoo and conditioner welcomed us in the luxurious bathroom. The windows in the room opened up, for the cool fall night’s breeze. Little packets of vanity, sowing, and nail care kits were helpful to us, less prepared folk. 


The bed was one that even Goldilocks  would approve of: not too soft, not too firm, but just right. The plush down comforter kept us warm, and on warmer nights the temperature controlled room kept us cool. We woke up every morning refreshed and excited to explore Switzerland.

Breakfast was served fresh every morning at Restaurant Kindli.  The delightful staff offered us coffee and eggs custom made to order (I typically fashion the Americano with over easy eggs).  Fresh squeezed juice, fluffy croissants, cheeses, and jam were all perfectly on point as well to help us start off our day right.  As for dinner, our taste buds were dancing over Kindli’s “Zurich-style” veal with rosti, a classic traditional dish of the locality.  And the dessert… well do I need to even add more praises to Swiss chocolates and sweets? Our chocolate mousse was the perfect end to a perfect birthday dinner. 

As far as the hotel is concerned, we could have not had a better gift for both my birthday, and our first anniversary. Starting from the first moment we entered the hotel, through the times where we needed help and advice, all the way to the final day of our trip, our experience was relaxing, warm, and luxurious. We got to see what Zurich was like right from the center of it all. 



The majority of our stay was focused on the gorgeous neighborhood Old Zurich. Located centrally to hundreds of high end shops, quaint restaurants, and lots of glamorous people watching opportunities. Here, we discovered out favorite coffee shop, where we got a brief overview of coffee, the business, and the mission.

Next day, we rented a car through Enterprise (about $100 per day), and drove to a nearby mountain Stoos. But before that, we stopped at a grocery store COOP to pick up our lunch - brie cheese, baguette, honey, berries, meats, and a little snack. 

On the last hours of our stay, we checked out West Zurich, which was a modern traveler’s dream. Frau’s Garden welcomed us with a farmer’s market with hand-made clothes, candles, art, and other goodies, whereas the main restaurant served up the best, right-from-the-grill meats and vegetables. I’d say that it was one of the most delicious and memorable meals of the entire trip. (Yes, it was that darn good). 

 My favorite part was the Im Viadukt, a restored viaduct with over 50 shops, restaurants, boutiques, coffee spots, and more. Tom enjoyed it because it was interesting to see how a city redesigned what used to be area that people avoided and transformed into a lush, green, thriving space for families and young people. In one of the stores, a maker space called Cabinet, I got my birthday gift: earrings that reminded me of sea urchins and a little gold necklace for layering. The two were made by local artists and gift wrapped with a high level of care. In another part of the viaduct, in a restaurant called Restaurant Viadukt (fitting) we had our anniversary dinner. We had a delicious beet entre, beef shoulder, and sausage with salad. In all, it made for a fresh, delicious conclusion to our vacation. 

Khrystyna Oros