5 Ways to to Sneak In Time To Get Content When You Aren’t a Full Time Influencer


As someone who is not a content creator 9-5, but someone who tries to be consistent with interesting and aesthetically pleasing pots, I have learned some ways that helped me get content, even when I don’t have dedicated time on my schedule.

There are two factors that you need to work here. 

  1. You need a photographer. If you have lots of creative friends, a tripod, an “Insta-hubby”, or a sibling, they can be your eyes. I also wrote about how to get the perfect shot every time, even if your photographer is an amateur. Check it out if you need some advice! 

  2. YOU need to be Insta-ready. I am not always ready to shoot, and I certainly don’t always look cute or on-brand with my feed’s content. I may look cute with my yoga pants, but I don’t really post about working out, or living that athleisure lifestyle. So I know if I want to get photos that day, or that moment, I should put on something a little bit more dreamy, feminine, and picturesque like a dress or a blouse with a blazer.

Once we have a photographer, and we look & feel cute, there are tons of ways to sneak in quick shots into your schedule, without having your entire life revolve around creating Instagram/blog content. 

Prepare for the shoot in advance.

Make the content shoots fit into your life, rather than making your life fit into your content shoots. 

  1. If you go to brunch every weekend, get up earlier to make yourself look cute and photo-ready. Think of the best, most photo-perfect brunch spots, and make reservations. You’re now killing 2 birds with one stone ; you’re getting content, whereas your photographer is getting a meal he/she can look forward to.  

  2. If you’re running errands in the city, think of a location that is on your path (or not far from) which will take 10 minutes out of your schedule. No need to have a full production. Grab some coffee, a magazine, other props that are helpful to your niche, and have poses in mind. This is the time to be very specific with your photographer: pose him/her, take the shot, and show him/her exactly what you’re looking for. You’re saving time, but now you also have photos!

Go to events and locations geared for photos.

Seek out events in your local influencer community that are photo ready. Think pool & rooftop parties, workshops, restaurant events, etc. These are a natural and easy way for you to meet like minded content creators, and get content for your page. 

Connect with influencers for coffee and shoot together.

Reach out to an influencer with similar style like yours, (or just someone who you’d really love to meet IRL), and grab a coffee. Talk about a place you both love to meet, and the vibe you’d love to capture. This can feel awkward if you don’t vibe with the person, but it can also be amazing because you’re exchanging audiences if the two of you really hit it off. If you want to be safe, propose the photo shoot to only content creators you’ve already met with and enjoy their company.

Mix up the time of day / week when you shoot.

I typically shoot on the weekends, when it’s sunny. But that means that I have realistically 2 days to create content, and I don’t spend entire days doing so. The solution? Experiment with different times of day and week, new locations, new textures. This has given my feed a ton of color variety (more blue hues, dreamy light bokeh, dusk purples and grays). When I know we are going out in the evening for a walk or to make an errand, I put on a cute dress, grab a hat or a prop, and make sure to shoot from a little further. My makeup doesn’t have to be perfect, but the shot will be! The only note here is that if you have a shot from the evening, make sure to post that shot in the evening as well. 

Re-use content from past shoots.

Let’s be realistic. We take hundreds of photos per shoot, but we can only post so many at one time. And, if we have full time jobs, who can really afford brand new shoots for every one of them gallery squares? Do not be afraid to reuse photos from old shoots. Choose ones you have not posted yet, and align it to something relative to your life right now. Perhaps switch the context up with a solid caption: advice, tips, knowledge, questions to your followers, etc. 

What are some of your favorite ways to make time for creating content with a full time job?