Friday Fast Tips: Give the follower something to talk about

One way to raise your engagement is by starting a conversation with your followers. This entails posting engaging content, and actually starting to talk to the people who follow you (or those who might want to follow you).

Couple pieces of advice here: when posting a photo, can you see what is an easy comment for your followers to make? 

Is there anything eye catching in your photo (like a bright lipstick, a fun color blouse, an interesting bag, a really beautiful location)? When shooting photos, you can either organically find those elements, or add them through planning ahead. 

As an example, take a look at Patrick Ta's account. With a little bit of mystery, and a lot of pops of color, Ta gets the questions rolling in from interested followers.

(As a side note, I do think you should respond to your followers a lot more, but the point still stands. He might have business reasons associated with not wanting to give away free promotions to companies.) 

The number one question / comment that persists through his work is “Lipstick name please?”. With an air of mystery, he gets the followers to ask questions, in hopes that they can get that next amazing product.

Another easy way to start conversations, is by simply asking questions. Perhaps you can set up you caption with a background on the photo, and then hit your audience with a simple question. If your photo is about travel, you can say “Where is your next trip to?” or “What is your dream country to visit?”. 

If your post is about cosmetics, and you’re wearing a fun color lipstick, a simple but fantastic question to ask is “What’s your favorite color of lipstick to wear?” or “What’s your favorite brand of lipstick?”.

When people answer in the comment section, keep the conversation going! Answer all of the comments, and even ask them more questions about their preferences. 

Hope this helps begin the conversations!

Khrystyna OrosComment