The Number One Comment I Refuse To Respond To

I am a big advocate of brands utilizing Instagram to better their sales, expand on their revenue, and of course, grow! But Instagram, just like real-world engagement, thrives on genuine, real, relationships. 

When I see brands comment on users' posts, I am excited and happy that someone at the company is doing it right. The company is interacting with their target demographic, spreading the word about themselves, and engaging in this social platform (instead of assuming Instagram works just like any other platform). 

But when I see spammy comments like "Looks great, DM us for a discount" or "Wow, cute look! Come check out our page for similarly cute stuff!" or "Love it! Let's collab, DM us!", I am immediately blocking you out of my mind. That comment then acts like a billboard on a highway- yes, I see it, but I am blind to it. I don't think twice about you. I don't remember anything about the message. And I will not purchase anything from you. 

The reasons why brands do this, and this is only my theory, is because:

  1. It raises awareness to other bloggers that this company is up for collaborating, so they should reach out to the company to “collab”

  2. The collaboration is actually complete bullshit and the “collab” is you purchasing items from them at a 20% discount. So technically, you’re getting a discount and then have the change to be their affiliate, but you still had to spend money on something you might have not been interested to begin with.

  3. Companies love when users opt in. If you’re actively working to participate with brands, that makes their job so much easier! It’s easier for them to work with energized folks who will pursue the opportunities, and most likely, be easier to sell to.

  4. At the very least, the comments they post on users’ posts raises brand awareness. To seasoned influencers, their comments are annoying. To the rest of the public, the comments look like these companies are amazing, interested collaborators.

I understand and respect where companies come from. It’s difficult to gain followers on Instagram, and it’s harder to sell or get genuine advocates. It’s a tough business that’s honestly getting tougher every month. But I urge and ask companies to treat influencers with the same level of care they themselves would like to be treated. Many of the micro influencers would be giddy and excited to get a great company with an amazing product pitching an idea for a collab. The influencer is then more inspired and motivated to advocate for you and your products.

Approach the influencer with a simple and quick conversation opener. You don’t need to send sales-y paragraphs and instead treat us like people. Start the conversation by simply saying

“Hello name, we love your page. We’d absolutely love to work with you! We have some new products coming out soon, and would love to work with influencers like yourself to promote them. Do you have some time to chat? We’ve attached a PDF with more details! Thanks so much!”

Could it be more detailed? Sure! Could you use less words to get the same message? Absolutely. Just show a level of care beyond spamming my feed. Go on and make those relationships!

Khrystyna OrosComment