Friday Fast Tips: Instagram Post Orientation

When uploading content to your feed, understand that while the grid can look very nice from higher up, you should absolutely try to maximize on the screen size that Instagram gives you. 

I typically take landscape photos for the blog, and portrait photos for Instagram’s feed. Why? Because when you upload a gorgeous photo, the vertical ones fill up more of the screen and give the viewer a better chance to appreciate the photo. 

Take a look at the example below:

If we do the math, the first photo takes up about 76.6% of the screen, whereas the second photo only takes up 40.6%. That's a huge difference! The larger the photo, the more your followers can see on the small, hand-held screens. From the gallery view, the two examples look exactly the same (square boxes), but it's when you click on the specific post, is when it counts the most. Maximize on your real estate lovelies! 

So when taking photos for Instagram, remember: portrait mode

Khrystyna Orosfast tips