The Quick Guide To “Thank You” Gifts To Brands During The Holidays

If you’ve been working with brands this year, that’s terrific! Don’t forget that collaborations and partnerships are a two way street. And in the time of digital boom, how good does it feel to get a tangible, wonderful, little paper card?

No doubt you’ve had to hustle, a lot to get the contacts and the relationships. But think of how amazing it feels for a brand to see that the person they’ve chosen to work with, is a thoughtful, forward-thinking, creative individual? Not only are you making someone’s day, since they are not expecting the gesture, you’re also solidifying yourself as someone the brand will want to work with in the future!

Some quick rules of thumb for this holiday season:

  1. Send out a thoughtful email thanking the company if they have sent you a product.

  2. Send out a physical card if the company has sent you many products.

  3. Send out a small gift like a candle or a box of chocolates to a company that has compensated you at over $500 this year.

Every company will be excited to share their address, if only you ask! You can also review the email exchange between you and the company and you can find the address that way.

What are some good gift ideas?

  1. Candles from Bastide

  2. Chocolates from John & Kira’s

  3. Vodka bottle from Stateside Vodka (only if you’ve got a more matured relationship)

This exchange is even better if you have a local brand that you worked with! Think of all of the places that invited you to PR events, and reach out to them with a thank you note and a box of chocolates. They will forever remember you!

Khrystyna Oros