How to Auto-Fill Comments to Speed Up Commenting With Keyboard Text Replace

I always think about how to maximize my efforts, on Instagram or otherwise. The most awkward thing about utilizing some efficiency techniques is that they can dearly backfire on you. Have you ever used a bot to comment on people’s posts to get yourself into some messy encounters? I have. My bot would comment something like “LOVE this photo, the colors are amazing” on a black and white photos and yeah, people would call me out on it.

Instagram, though only an app, a very very personal gallery of work. People care about what they put out, and there is an emotional connection with the posts. So when someone clearly shows that they have no respect for the work, trying to simplify the exchange into nothing more than a transaction, people get upset.

So I now do not utilize bots, but I did notice that I post the same comment over and over and over again. So I thought, is there a way for me to simplify this process? And there is!

Introducing, Apple’s ‘Replace Text Feature’. It’s quick. It’s powerful. And it’s yours only for $99.99.

Kidding. Completely free. Let me show you the steps.

Dropdown Copy 12.png

This works on iPhone users. I don’t have an Android so I cannot verify, so please comment below if there is a similar path!

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings

  2. Click General

  3. Click Keyboard

  4. Click Text Replacement

  5. Hit the + sign in the upper right corner to add a new text replacement

  6. On the top row, enter your text (for the long comment or message you don’t want to retype)

  7. On the bottom row, type in the key combination that will be your short text that you’ll enter.

  8. You’re done!

So for my long comment, I wanted something that would be something I already comment pretty often. I didn’t want it to be spammy. I simply wanted to have a quick way of commenting what I already comment on my friends’ pages every single day, but in a quicker way.

I take a lot of time during my day to go through Instagram posts, find ones I like, and leave genuine, custom comments. But I also find myself leaving rather generic comments when I’m not familiar with an account or when I want to leave a good comment but maybe I haven’t got anything more creative to add to the discussion.

In all, I’d be curious if this is helpful to you. I’ve been able to make a couple of keystroke combinations to help me leave warm and encouraging comments, over and over and over again in a quick way!

Khrystyna Oros2 Comments