Make Money Selling Your Clothes on Instagram! 3 Best Ways.


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You got cute clothes, but not feeling them anymore? Or maybe you have an impeccable eye, and purchase vintage goodies that you like to resell. Or maybe you prefer to keep your clothes, and make some money from affiliate links? Use Instagram to make some extra money, by using your stories and gallery as a small boutique! 

Use the “swipe up feature” to add affiliate codes.

If you are over 10k followers, you can link to your outfit details and use an affiliate code. This way, your followers can check out specific pieces, and if they purchase, you get paid. Utilize platforms like Like2knowit, Amazon Influencer and RewardStyle to get links. If you do not have the “Swipe Up” feature, simply add to your post “DM me for the link!” and leave the brand of the clothing out of your story.  

Bonus point: you can link to items that you don’t even own. You just need to have an affiliate link on any item that looks cute, and you can still get paid if someone uses your link. This also goes for cosmetics! 

Create a “Stories Try On”

Showcase your clothes by posting boomerangs and short videos of how the product moves in Instagram Stories. Take videos of yourself (or friend) modeling the clothes, talk about the fit and the fabric, and include pricing, or ask to negotiate.

Bonus points, you can show one piece, in several different outfits to showcase how versatile it is. 

Utilize your gallery posts as a small boutique.

Show the outfit off, and utilize the carrousel feature to post detail shots of the piece you’re trying to sell. Showcase how it sits on you, and maybe how it fits alongside other pieces. Don’t forget to include “

  1. Color and description of the style

  2. Price or say “DM to negotiate”

  3. Size shown, and sizes available

  4. Shipping information

  5. Whether the item is still for sale or not. Update your posts to say “Sold!” if the item is not available

  6. Add the original price. Shows how much of a discount you’re giving.

What are your favorite ways to sell your clothes?